REHIS Publications

Cover of EHN 25 Sep 09

The article where CIEH announced the setting-up of a 'Scotland Administrative Region'

REHIS Development Plan 2008/2009

A plan of actions to achieve the objectives of the Institute.

Reports to the Procurator Fiscal

Reports to the Procurator Fiscal.
A Guide for Specialist Reporting Agencies.
Seventh Edition 2006

Disclosure to the Defence letter for SRAs

All witness statements which have been made available to the Crown are now provided to the defence in all cases, subject to certain public interest exceptions.

Environmental Health in Scotland

A leaflet produced by REHIS that aims to ensure that all MSPs and Councillors are fully aware of the role that REHIS,the Environmental Health Profession/Service play in the improvement and protection of public health in Scotland.

REHIS is a registered charity in Scotland, SC009406

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