REHIS Qualifications Booklet

A wide range of REHIS certified courses are available on the subjects of food and health and safety.This booklet gives a brief outline of the qualifications available.

REHIS echoes 'softly softly' call on Smoking Ban

The President of REHIS, John Stirling, echoed the call from the First Minister, Jack McConnell for a 'softly, softly' approach towards the ban in its early days. John Stirling, the President of the Institute issued a statement agreeing that a fair and reasonable approach would be the order of the day, but that persistent offenders could expect to be punished. (See full press release)

New MSc course in Glasgow

Strathclyde University have announced that they will be offering an MSc in Environmental Health from September 2006. This will be a one year full-time course which will provide the underpinning academic knowledge which will allow the student to go onto train as an Environmental Health Officer. This course would be ideal for applicants with a life science degree. To become an Environmental Health Officer the student also requires to complete the usual 48 weeks of practical training with a Scottish Local Authority before sitting the REHIS
professional examination.

'Consistency' the word in Smoking Ban enforcement

One hundred enforcement officers from all over Scotland attended a training seminar on the Smoking Ban. Held in Stirling, by REHIS, the purpose was to encourage a fair and consistent approach to implementing the ban by Scotland's 32 Councils. Further training is to be held in the near future for newly-recruited officers.

University College Dublin Postgraduate Scholarships

Applications are invited for a PhD scholarship to work on a project entitled Enhancing human health through improved water quality. Specifically the successful applicant will work on the development of a Microbial Risk Assessment model to monitor the dispersion, transport and potential human exposure to waterborne hazards including viruses and bacteria. The project is conducted in conjunction with the National University of Ireland, Galway and is funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Development Plan under the ERTDI programme.

Cypriot EHOs twin with REHIS

The Association of Public Health Inspectors of Cyprus (APHIC) and REHIS have signed a 'twinning' agreement leading to closer co-operation on international Environmental Health matters. The invitation to twin came from Cyprus last year with the suggestion that the relationship be formalised. A delegation, led by the President, John Stirling, travelled to Cyprus for the signing ceremony, which was held in Nicosia on 24 February, in the presence of the Cypriot Government Health Minister.

Christine Green's presentation on food allergens and allergies

Food allergies will soon be an additional subject to be covered during all the REHIS Food Hygiene Courses.The relevant Handbooks will all include the necessary information to allow presenters to include the subject in their presentations and we will be producing a couple of new acetates/slides for future Presenter's Resource Packs.Christine's presentation will give you information about the law and food allergens and intolerances.

'Urgent Action' needed in Environmental Health

Dr David Old has completed his two-year independent report commissioned by REHIS on the Environmental Health profession in Scotland. His Project Steering Group (PSG) recommends five priority actions and says that everyone concerned must act with urgency.

The five priority actions are listed below. For the full report and appendices, see the Members' Library.

England adopts Smoking Ban

The House of Commons has voted for a full ban on smoking in enclosed public places in England, similar to the measures which will apply in Scotland from next month. Although the ban in England is not likely to take effect until 2007, it was welcomed by the President of REHIS, John Stilrling, who said "This is a welcome move which helps to lay out a level playing field across the UK and will minimise confusion for businesses and members of the public"

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