EHO portrayed on the big screen

British film Boiling Point, starring Stephen Graham, is set on the Friday before Christmas in a busy working kitchen with head chef, Andy Jones, laboured by his own problems. The film, shot in one continuous take, depicts a catalogue of pressures faced by the head chef in one night with one being an unannounced inspection from Environmental Health Officer (EHO) Mr Lovejoy.

The first scene depicts Mr Lovejoy carrying out a food inspection and asking kitchen staff relevant questions. Mr Lovejoy is attempting to be friendly yet layers his words with condescension, beginning to build the tension. The scene continues with Mr Lovejoy looking through their HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and presenting his findings and downgraded food hygiene rating to the head chef in his debrief.

Mr Lovejoy uses phrases that are all too familiar with EHOs such as “gaps” in the paperwork and “HACCP” making the scene feel authentic.

With Fawlty Towers possibly being the last time, a food inspector has been portrayed on film, it is great to see the profession being in spotlight and highlighting the vital role EHOs play in food safety.

Boiling Point is available to watch on Netflix.

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