REHIS Elementary Cleaning and Disinfection courses at COP 26- What it taught a Presenter!

By Helen Main (Main Course Training)

A request for REHIS Elementary Cleaning and Disinfection certificated training came from Dr Lisa Ackerley, Director, Medical and Scientific Engagement, Hygiene for Reckitt and the appointed advisor on cleaning and disinfection protocol for COP26. It was difficult to gauge the scale of this request and the working situation. Upon discussion it was agreed to incorporate the product and procedures advised by Reckitt and integrate this into the course while still complying with the REHIS syllabus - When the information arrived this was very possible and improved the learning experience for the candidates. This demonstrates that linking specific pre-set information to syllabus requirements is very useful for target groups or workplaces with similar work patterns.

Time was getting close to the start of the COP26 – but we managed to get many staff through the training. Although we would have liked to get many more through the training, it has, though, raised awareness of the qualification.

Along with the learning curve of course and presentation methods I had confirmation that it is very easy to dive into a big job that turns out much smaller but there’s always lessons to be learnt -and never spend money before you’ve earned it! 

The course had to be presented in the most ecologically clean manner – no paper was raised except for the certificates. The course was presented on Microsoft Teams and the 30-question examination paper was delivered on a time-bound quiz on Microsoft Forms. With assistance from the REHIS office team this system worked perfectly on the day. I had a good update in use of the system!

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